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Oprah 12-Day Give-O-Way Sweepstakes 2013 Code Words

Added: November 15th, 2013 Related to: Oprah TV, Sweepstakes And Giveaways

Enter Oprah’s 12 Day Give-O-Way Sweepstakes 2013 and you could win one of 12 daily prizes. This year twelve lucky winners of the contest will receive a prize package consisting of  items chosen by Oprah, listed in the 2013 O List Favorite Things Edition and $3,916 in cash, which winners may use, if they so elect, to help defray any tax liability they may incur in connection with their acceptance of the Prize Package. The items in the Prize Package will also be listed on

Approximate retail value of each prize package is $16,970 per Winner. Total value of all twelve prize packages is $203,640. 12 lucky O’ magazine readers will take home all 60 of the Favorite Things 2013 chosen by Oprah and her friends.

Go to, subscribe for the giveaway, enter the code of the day and win!

Once a day, from November 14 2013 through November 25 2013, you can enter for a chance to win by clicking on the appropriate link below and typing in that day’s special code puzzles. The codes can be found on the icons in the Oprah magazine and on the Oprah 12 days of giving away sweepstakes entry page. Entering codes at daily will increase your chances to win. To enter the day’s code go to

  • Eligibility: USA citizenship, 21+
  • Start date: November 14 2013
  • End date: November 25 2013

The first code of the O’ 12-Day Give-O-Way puzzle was 025 (November 14):

Oprah 12-Day Give-O-Way code for November, 14