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Holiday Deals 2014! After Thanksgiving Sales 2014

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Whether Thanksgiving or Christmas – there is one good thing we all agree on! We love to use special sale offers and discounts from retailers and save with them big. Just one more reason to love Holidays!

Thanksgiving 2014 sales, Black Friday & Cyber Monday 2014, pre-Christmas sales – sale ads coming soon!

Deal hunters can sometimes save more, if they surf the websites that gather information about retailers’ sale ads, online coupo Thanksgiving Day ins and news on Holiday deals. As in the past years everything starts on After Thanksgiving Day, this year – November 28. Although thes a holiday in the U.S. almost any of big retailer is expected to aggressively attract holiday shoppers to Thanksgiving sales.

2014 Holiday sales – it’s all about price

According to the recent study made by Google 54% of U.S. consumers will start their holiday shopping a way before Black Friday. 46% of them plan to spend more time shopping around for gifts this year because of the still weak economy. While consumers are doing their “market research” early, 31% of them plan to do the majority of their holiday shopping in early and mid December. 37% of consumers are going to searchfor gift ideas  and buy the merchandise online. However, 51% of shoppers plan to research online, but buy in-store.

So, it looks that this Holiday shopping season shopping season is vitally important for many retail chains which definitely will cause the real  price war between them.

From the latest news: Best Buy recently announced that they’re planning to match the prices of online competitors such as this holiday season, even as it plays down its concerns over customers browsing items in malls only to buy them for less in an online store.

In other words, Best Buy is attempting to increase store’s close rate by preventing showrooming. And there is no doubt that a  good part of Holiday shoppers are using Best Buy as a showroom for an online retailer who offers a particular item at a significantly lower cost. Will brick and mortar only stores follow Best Buy in its efforts? Time will tell…

According to its representatives, Best Buy is also taking other “secret” steps to improve the percentage of shoppers who walk into their stores to take a look on TV sets, laptops, tablets, phones and other electronics items and leave with a purchase which usually makes about 40% of prospective customers. One of the biggest of electronics store chains is also preparing to offer free “same-day” home delivery on items that are out of stock in stores.

Same-day delivery will be the Queen of Holiday shopping

The biggest U.S. retail chain, Wal-Mart Stores, in its own sale maneuver, is testing a same-day delivery service in select markets for customers who buy popular merchandise online during this Holiday shopping season. In its attempt to leverage the strength of a massive store base, Wal-Mart will essentially turn the spaces into online order fulfillment centers for shoppers who don’t want to wait a couple of days for delivery. Wal-Mart is even embracing the idea that the mall will get just a place to check out the merchandise.

Update:  Big retailers kick off their official holiday sale frenzy earlier and earlier on Thanksgiving Day

Customers at the opening of a Walmart store on Thanksgiving day

Walmart: we will open at 8 p.m. on Thanksgiving Day 2014

Black Friday eats the Thanksgiving turkey!

WalMart will start off its holiday sale at 8 p.m. this year.

Sears will open at 8 p.m. on Thanksgiving Thursday and stay open until 10 p.m.

Stay tuned to learn when other big stores will open on Thanksgiving 2014!